Am I Insurable?


Before you ask about that number—what’s it cost?—you should get at least some idea of whether you’re insurable.  LTCI is underwritten.  That means the insurance company will ask both you and your physicians about your health history very specifically. 

Unlike life insurance, you most likely won’t need to have a physical, although at least one major company is now requiring a paramedic exam, at its expense, on a routine basis as part of the application process.

Before you submit an actual application for coverage, insist that your agent anonymously pre-qualify you with at least three major, well-rated LTCI companies.  The agent won’t use your name, but he or she will review your health history in detail with those insurers to tentatively determine which would treat you most favorably both in terms of current costs and as well as the availability of benefits.  In short, how you will likely be underwritten.

If you haven't had a routine physical with your primary care physician in the last two years, it would be a good idea to do so before you apply for LTCI.  Underwriters prefer to see applicants with reasonably current medical records.

Pre-qualifying will allow you to thereafter focus more realistically on competitive policy benefits and costs in the light of your needs and budget.

On the following page, we have provided the LTC Pre-Qualification Health Form that we would use to anonymously explore with each of the major traditional and hybrid insurers how an application from you would likely be regarded from a health underwriting perspective.  (Before doing so we remove your name from the form and use only your initials.)

If you would like us to do this preliminary review on your behalf, with absolutely no cost or obligation on your part, you'll find two options--complete the information and send it to us online, or print it and email, fax, or snail mail it to us.  In either case,  please include your residence state and your phone number or email address.