Does LTCI Make Sense for Me?

Futurecare Associates and our website is all about sharing with you information that will, hopefully, help you sort out whether it makes sense for you to plan now for how you will pay for the possible future costs of long-term care.

Numbers seem to be the first defense to thinking about long-term care insurance. I’ll wait until I’m older . . . It costs too much . . . I probably won’t need it and, if I do, I’ll pay for it myself...It doesn’t run in our family...I might not need it for 30 years.

And all of that might just be true. The catch is, if your number comes up, the financial consequences can be huge.

As Anne Tergesen reported in the Wall Street Journal's online Journal Reports (April 13, 2014, Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Long-Term-Care Insurance), "[a]ccording to researchers at Georgetown University and Pennsylvania State University, about 70% of individuals 65 and older will need long-term care--whether at home or in an assisted-living facility or nursing home."

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